1. Is it free to sign up?

Yes. An account with us doesn’t cost a thing. You only pay when you start to send email.

2. My account has to be approved, how come?

Well, it allows us to have a quit chat with you to discuss your needs and requirements, and lets us work out what will be best for you.

3. How can I access my account?

Once your account has been approved we will email you your username and password.

4. I don’t know how to edit my email template! is training included?

In every package full training is given as standard. We can provide further training or if you require a more refined campaign, such as dividing your email campaign and targeting There are no hidden fees.

5. Can my CRM be integrated with my campaigns?

We can integrate your campaign with most CRM systems, Diary systems and Content management systems.

6. How do I track sales on my e-commerce site?

We can effortlessly merge your campaign with Google Analytics. In doing so will allow you to track from click to sale, and with this data we will be able to improve your campaign based on previous sales. If you don’t have Google Analytic on your site, please give us a call and Matt our techie will be able to help on [phone number].